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Couch Potato No More

Cheryl ran/walked the Great South Run in 2018 with the NACWL team to raise money in memory of Louise Bradley, a colleague and friend who had lost her brave battle to cancer a few months earlier. 

After GSR she carried on running, mostly thanks to the amazing team at Knott Kinetics who turned this couch potato into someone that now regularly takes part in 5k Park Runs and has also completed a couple of 10k races.  

NA Curtain Walling Ltd invited Cheryl to be part of their team for 2019 Great South Run and her aim was to beat 2018 time of 2 hours 19 mins and raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK in memory of Louise. We are delighted that she achieved both these aims.

Time: 2 hours 2 mins

Money raised for Cancer Research UK through generosity of clients and friends

Thank you EVERYONE who donated to this worthy cause

N A Curtain Walling Ltd 2019 Great South Run Team

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