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COVID-19 Supporting our Clients

Delivering our normal service differently

For over 20 years, our Clients, many of whom are family businesses, have been the most important aspect of our own family business. During that time change has been constant and we have always sought to embrace this idea and assist our clients to adapt to new requirements.

Stay at home. Save lives. Protect the NHS.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has needed individuals and companies to change their behaviours and processes at pace most of us could not have conceived as possible a couple of months ago. This virus has forced us to rethink the ways we run our businesses, our society and our lives and rapid change has been required.

Given this evolving situation, we wanted to let you know how we are currently operating and provide reassurance that we have plans in place to ensure we remain open and able to continue to provide the levels of service our Clients have come to expect.

We have adopted technological solutions to ensure we can continue to provide management system support to our existing Clients, utilising shared virtual workspaces and on-line meeting tools:-

  • Working remotely, we continue supporting our existing Clients with management system maintenance activities, such as regulatory updates, procedure revisions etc.

  • Update of our auditing services to provide remote auditing facility. Audit evidence will be collected via interview or questionnaire, review of documentation and records and observation of processes and activities (via video sharing if possible). All evidence will be reviewed and reported to support the audit findings and conclusions – the only difference is it will be done using remote techniques.

  • Supporting Clients with identification of critical tasks or system maintenance actions needed to retain certification. We will as always work together to find the right solution for your business and we are available to discuss actions required to retain or temporarily suspend existing ISO certifications. (Accreditation Bodies are required to have procedures for suspension, withdrawal or reduction of certification).

  • Co-ordination and management of external Certification Body remote audits, including as necessary, collation of evidence and records and liaising with the nominated external certification auditor(s).

Certification bodies remote auditing (surveillance and recertification) currently permitted under UKAS rules until July 20, but will potentially continue beyond this time.

Unfortunately in the short term it is not possible to take on new management system projects, but as soon as restrictions are lifted we would be happy to discuss any specific project with you.

In the meantime our focus is on supporting our existing Clients, ensuring we are doing all we can to support them through this horrible time.

"Delivering our normal service differently"

Stay at home. Save lives. Protect the NHS.

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